Saturday, 4 January 2014

Simple Download Speed Tester - Using C# with MS Visual Studio 2008

To develop an application which will determine the Internet's download rate.

To determine our download rate I just used some simple mathematics by noticing the start and end time of our test download then calculating download rate by converting time into kb/sec from seconds.

This application download GoogleTalk's setup file as a test from Google's web server because let's face it, neither I have/want my web server nor it would be as reliable a Google's. We know GoogleTalk's installer is around 1.5 MB in file-size so that we won't be downloading a file too small or too big but just good enough to get our download rate right.


- MS Visual Studio 2008 ( .net framework 3.5 )

Checked with
- MS Windows XP service pack 3
- MS Windows 7 service pack 1

Source Tutorial:
For a better concept and code understanding see this tutorial

Filename: Down Speed Tester.rar
FileSize: 1.81MB
Package Contains: Project (MS Visual Studio 2008), Executable (.exe)

Mirror 1:              Click to Download           (DropBox)

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Friday, 27 December 2013

DFA and PDA Programming Implementation - Using C# with MS Visual Studio 2008

Deterministic Finitie Automata Implementation:
A program that can read a DFA from a text file, and support the usual functionalities of a DFA (for the ease of programming i took initial state q0 as I, set of input Σ as S and define transitions using T instead of δ). Implemented a DFA with the 5-tuple (Q, S, T, I, F) and the DFA in a textfile looks like :
Q = {p, q, r, s}// Set of all states.
S= {a, b}// Set of input.
I = p // Initial State.
F = s // Final/acceptable state(s).
T(p, a)= q
T(p, b)= p
T(q, a)= r
T(q, b)= p
T(r, a)= s
T(r, b)= r
T(s, a)= s
T(s, b)= r

Filename: DFA Implementation C#.rar
FileSize: 256.72 KB
Package Contains: DFAProblem(Task), SampleInput file and Projectfile(VS 2008)

Mirror 1:              Click to Download           (DropBox)

PushDownAutomata Implementation:

A program that can read a simple form of PDA without lambda transition from the console or from a file or as a string within the program, and then support the usual functionalities of a PDA (for the ease of programming i took initial state q0 as I, set of input Σ as S, "stack symbols" as R, "lambda" as e and define transitions using T instead of δ). Implemented a PDA with the 7-tuple (Q, S, R, T, I, F) and the PDA in a text-file looks like :
Q = {p, q, r}
S= {a, b, c}
R= {a, b, $} //Set of stack symbols
I = p
F = s
T (p, a, e)= (p,a)
T (p, b, e)= (p,b)
T (p, c, e)= (q, e)
T (q, a, a)= (q, e)
T (q, b, b)= (q, e)
T (q, c, $)= (r, $)

Filename: PDA Implementation C#.rar
FileSize: 256.92 KB
Package Contains: PDAProblem(Task), SampleInput file and Projectfile(VS 2008)

Mirror 1:              Click to Download           (DropBox)

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Human Resource Management System - Using C# with Visual Studio 2008 (SQL Server 2005)

Development Tools:
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

- Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2005


The Proposed system has two main modules
  • Employee
  • Admin (HR)

Employee Module:

Employee Profile
Employees could view there profiles, checkout there salaries. 

Compensatory off
When an employee works on a holiday or works overtime on a working day, he/she can apply for a compensatory off.  The duration of comp-off will depend on the extra time worked by the employee and is subject to approval by supervisor.  The comp off time can be banked for a maximum of 30 days.

Leave Application
Based on the availability of leave,  employee can apply for leave online.  

View Leave Balance
Employee can view their eligibility and leave balance against each type of leave.  Details of the leave utilized in the current leave year can also be inquired upon.

Admin Module:
This module handles the administrative functions of the system and is used by the HR department.

Employee records
Admin can view and change the employee profile, also can add new recruits and remove former employee’s.

Performance Review
Admin can review employee’s performance and skills

Leave Eligibility
HR will enter the leave eligibility of each employee, for each type of leave, at the beginning of each leave year.  The leave eligibility will be calculated based on the annual entitlement and the carry forward from prior year.

Monthly Attendance
HR can generate a monthly attendance report of  all employees in the organization.

Daily Absent Report
Admin can view the total number of absentees of a particular department for a given day.  They can also inquire on the attendance history of an individual employee in a particular month.

Salary maintenance
Admin can calculate salary according to companies rules and regulations. They are even permitted to update employee salaries.
Code Perspective:
-  Object Oriented based
-  Queries using Stored Procedures

Filename: Human Resource Management System.rar
FileSize: 15.09MB
Package Contains: Application (VS 2008 Project File) and Database (SQL Server 2005 Backup, mdf and log files)

Mirror 1:              Click to Download           (DropBox)

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Website Blocker - Using C# with Visual Studio 2010

Developed In:
-  Visual Studio 2010 (using .net framework 3.5)

Editing Host file located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Block Button:
Takes your text from Textbox and put it at the end of lines in host file like:        (your text eg.
*"" is your Lan Card's IP and next to it is the "webaddress" you wanted to block access to.

UnBlock Button:
Takes your text from Textbox and search it at host file line by line. If found a line containing it then simply it will erase the whole line.

UnBlockAll Button:
Restore hosts file back to "default" by using hard-coded text in the code.

-   Tested On MS Windows XP and MS Windows 7 (Both 32 bits)
-   Requires (.net framework 3.5) in MS Windows XP

Filename: BlockIt.rar
FileSize: 122kb
Package Contains: Project (VS 2010) and Executable (.exe)

Mirror 1:              Click to Download           (DropBox)

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Flexible Unbreakable Display Screens - Endless Posibilities - Samsung CES 2013

About four weeks ago, Samsung showed a radical 'bending' mobile phone at CES 13 in Las Vegas, which developed a feeling that the most anticipated next generation smartphone "Samsung Galaxy S4" could be a flexible OLED display smartphone.

Samsung is looking forward to the whole series of flexible displays, which will be known as Youm. Who knows that the next books will be of AMOLED instead of the papers. 

At CES 2013, Microsoft's chief technical strategy officer, Eric Rudder showed off a prototype device running windows Phone in a flexible AMOLED display.

Point to Ponder: If such displays are the future of the mobility then endless possibilities are waiting for us.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

When and Where to Start Programming!

When to Start Programming?
You already are programming, i mean everyday your brain do programming to calculate the solutions for your daily life problems. 
for example: you are hungry ... your brain will calculate the possible solutions like
  • You can cook (If you don't have money)
  • You can eat at a restaurant (If you don't know how to cook)
  • Or ... You can Steal (If both of the above conditions are not suitable for you)
Yes, that's programming finding different solutions for a problem and go with the best one. and of course in Computer Programming you need to know the programming languages like C++, Visual Basic or Java etc to communicate with the Computer, as in real life you need knowledge and some skills to perform your daily task. If you can gain the required programming skills then your age doesn't count to start programming.
Where to Start Programming?

GW BASIC - is the best console programming language for beginners, it will give you basic concepts required in most programming languages out there.It's easiest to understand and best first step towards programming. You should spend 1 month (30 to 60 min each day practice) practicing GW BASIC.

VB.Net - It would not be as easy considering you only know GW Basic till now but it will probably change your perspective about programming. At the beginning you should be able to develop some accounting programs but as time goes on with good logical skills you can develop more effective applications like chat messenger, utility applications, and databases with Ms SQL or MS Access ...

After these two, you probably will able to choose next best and suitable programming language for you and your career. And of course don't forget C and JAVA.

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Mind Blowing - 5 illusions - It's not as it looks!

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Monday, 10 September 2012

How to Learn Hacking

I'm talking about "Ethical Computer Hacking" here not about some illegal stuff, to be a hacker you really need to define your goals because hackers don't just break securities, hack top secret military data or do any other cool stuff like in the movies but usually they find solutions with the help of their programming skills and intelligence.

Hacker's main role is to find vulnerable loop holes, in other words, programming mistakes which leaves private data insecure. You can learn hacking from the following websites but you need patience, intelligence and luck...

Good Luck!

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Keep you Computer Safe - from Viruses - without an Antivirus

I have Windows XP SP 3 and my operating system is virus free, it has been a year since I last installed a window. when it comes to security, MS windows does not provides you a better security then Linux and that's why Linux is more secure and that's why you purchase an Antivirus program to keep your computer safe.

In this world viruses spread in a light speed, and you always needed to update your antivirus so that it can protect your computer from any latest virus but the problem with having a antivirus is that, it gives you headache, slow your pc little bit, annoys you when you are working and requires updates in a week or two.

Things To Do:

  • Don't use pirated software because mostly they contain viruses, and it's illegal too.
  • Download software from publisher or developer you trust because a .exe or .bat could be a virus from unknown publishers.
  • Don't download attachments from unknown email and report that email, because people fall for spam.
  • Don't trust your facebook friends  (Any social media unknown or so called friends) and don't open what they send you unless you are fully sure that they can be trusted.
  • Do not run any picture, video file or any other media file which extension is ".exe" it could be like mypicture.jpg.exe ... in this the real extension is .exe, to enable extensions to be visible in your computer GOTO My Computer => Tools => Folder Options => View => Uncheck "Hide extensions for unknown file type"
  • Check file size before download, for example if you are downloading MS office 2010 which is of "12kb" of course it's a virus because this software is of "600MB +"
  • Download software from developer's official website, because you cannot take risk on any third party source.
  • Download USB Virus Scan to secure any virus possibility from USB Drives.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Stylish LED Watches - Cool World!

The technology of LED Watches is more then 40 years old, but what is something new is that now the LED Watches has got some style. I mean now they are coming with incredible designs, if you are not understanding my point just see some these new LED Watches.

TokyoFlash is one of the best seller of LED Watches,  Below are the images of some cool LED watches from TokyoFlash :- (Click to Enlarge)

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